Oh No…another blogger…great

Yep you read that right I am another blogger lol. ┬áBut before you go screaming out of the room or throw your phone or tablet into the ocean let me explain…..

My plan for this lovely website that my husband so sweetly put together for me, (back off ladies he’s mine!!) is to put out there my meal plans for the week along with grocery lists, places I shop, and hopefully prices for anyone who is looking for a way to make meal prep and planning easier and faster.

Also I love food!!! I love looking at it, eating it, talking about it, reading about it, experimenting with it, making it, giving it to others, researching it, etc :). So i kinda wanted a place where I can slap all my thoughts, discoveries, and horrible kitchen mistakes into one place.

Not looking to impress anyone with this, in fact I might be the only one who sees this lol!  But who knows maybe one other person out there will stumble across this, see a tasty recipe or weird food item and give it a go:)


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